Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where’s the jack on the Helmet Guitar?
The 1/4” jack is conveniently located in the end-pin.

Q: Do you supply logos for the Helmet Guitars?
No, unless we get an order with permission directly from any license holder for that order.

Q: Can you do custom wraps and designs?
Yes. Whether you provide the artwork or have us do it. There will be an extra fee for custom work. Please contact us directly for pricing.

Q: Do you offer discounts for non-profit charity auctions?
Yes.  Contact us directly for pricing.  These have fetched a great price at auction with signatures from players on  them. Great promotional piece!

Q: Do you make any other Helmet Shapes?
Stay tuned to find out! Racing Helmet coming soon.

Q: Are the Helmet Guitars ready to play?
Yes, but its always good to double check that you have a fresh 9V battery, remove all protective plastic, and that the machine tuner nuts are nice and snug.

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