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Rich Roland, Founder of NEO Products, has been creating new product designs and production of quality products since 1979.   NEO received several “No strings attached” research grants from the Ben Franklin Partnership & Technology Center, and the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce, in the early 90s for research and development of plastics in stringed instruments.  Since then, Rich Roland has brought to market many ingenious stringed instruments.

Roland is an award-winning designer in a wide variety of professional areas including Best Neon Artist in the US 1993 for the Lizard Guitar and more.   NEO and RR&D now have offices in LA where we continue to provide product services for our international client base.


Meisel Accessories

National Guitar Museum

Support Music .com

Museum of Neon Art


Modern Guitars Magazine
MMR magazine
Music Trades
Premier Guitar
National Association for Music Education (MENC)
American Music Conference (AMC)
Guitar World
Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans & Guitar Maker Magazine


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