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Neon Guitar circa 1991

Pretty much the first neon guitar that didn’t look like a beer sign.   Our Custom Carbon Graphite through body neck, EMG pickups, Schaeller hardware and a 3 channel light organ.

Even Jimmy Hendrix would have seen new colors!

neonguitar01    neonguitar03

neonguitar04    neonguitar02

Single & Double tube models

Clean sound with plenty of output from the active pickups.


Out from moth balls comes our unusual one-of-a-kind hand built custom neon guitar with light organ interface.
 Here's a short demo shot with a pocket camera.

We broke 3 E strings making the video. The version you hear is with some arbitrary #11 E
we found that was totally imbalanced. It might be missing completely in a shot or two.



“Lizard” Guitar circa 1992

We often play a game asking people to guess how many dollar bills are in the guitar.  Can you Guess?  Clue: This Crazy guitar has the same number of bills as a famous Crazy music Number and a Bill.

Lizard Guitar won best Neon Artist, 1993, Signs of the Times. Planet Hollywood won 2nd place in their category.

Art exhibit in San Fernando Valley - 2010




Neon “Rock Bass Bass” Guitar Circa 1994

“Rock Bass Bass” Guitar Circa 1994-2005

Non- Neon Version


RubyBlueNeonGuitar02     RubyBlueNeonGuitar03

Neon Arch Top circa 1995

Light-source magic.  This One-of-a-Kind transparent arch top reveals nothing about how the side walls light up, when the other stages are off.  Hmm....


Neon Telecaster circa 1989

Truly our first Neon Guitar prototype.  It opened the door to receiving many awards plus multiple grants from the Ben Franklin Partnership & Technology  Center, and the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce, in the early 90s for research and development of plastics in stringed instruments.

Just a bit of magic.  Now you see it, now you don’t, with a simple on-off switch on guitar face.

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